Gleptori (Sacred) Forest


Terrain Type

Woodland area with a small mountain range, also home to the Dakea Swamps

Native Races


Immigrated Races

Elves, Humans, Trolls

General InformationEdit

After the fifth war of the gods, the elves came into being when the gods started mourning for the death of the beloved Ashira. As such, the elves were born here in what was originally known as the Cradle of Heaven and they claimed the land to transform into a place to honor the beauty of the gods. After three centuries of being alive, the elves were flourishing as a very powerful race in the face of all tyranny. As the centuries progressed and four elven generations have passed, the humans were born here, but the elves casted them out because "They were bred for destruction, not creation. Only the god, Zedal would want them." The elves then became solitary after they found the dwarves in the Zwelt Mountain Range. For seven more centuries they would defend their lands and declared humans and dwarves evil beings in the eyes of the gods, but when the seventh god war came into being, the humans invaded the elven lands when they were vulnerable. Bunda fell and the Mourdland Empire grew. As such, the Dwarves finally were able become free from the Zwelt and they retreated out of Bunda. The humans then destroyed the Dam that blocked the Elder Symphony and the trolls came up the river and the land was restored to its original form. The elves finally were able to gain control once more, but it wasn't the same peaceful place.