Eye Color

Brown, Black, blue, grey, green

Hair Color

Brown, black, grey, white

Average height of male


Average weight of male

180 lbs

Average height of female


Average weight of female

115 lbs


190 - 300 years

Skin Color(s)

White, Tan, Brown, Black




Males usually don't shave and are fierce fighters. Females are known for being fierce aswell. They both are known for their small size

Stat Bonuses

+5 against golems, +10 using Magic Bow

General InformationEdit

Dwarves are just about the smallest race on the planet, but are one of the best warriors and rangers. They are also quite strong and pretty intellegent too. Dwarves created their first written language 2,350 years ago which was dubbed Dwarvish for it was created by the dwarves, but they named it Baelorish. They also spoke one of the first ever languages created: Genghish. Although very small, Dwarves are bulky and cannot move as fast as other races like humans, but are still very fierce fighters. They have strength in numbers, thus allowing them to use simple tactics like all out charges.

Available ClassesEdit

Starting WeaponEdit

Dwarves begin game with this weapon: Dwarven Batteaxe.