Eye Color

Black, Red, Green, Blue

Hair Color

Black or White

Average height of male


Average weight of male

125 lbs.

Average height of female


Average weight of female

100 lbs

Skin Color(s)

Always: Green




Goblin are Medium height and fair in size. They are fierce and vicous. Most goblin raiders ride Worgs in battle.

Stat Bonuses

-5 using magic

General InformationEdit

Goblins are native to The Bronze Rock Mountains. They are easily mistaken for Orcs from a distance, although they are nearly 1 foot smaller and not neraly as buff. They attack by destroying everything with spears or short swords. They also throw rocks and sometimes attack with axes.


The Goblin Race speak Gobla, a language that is a mixture of grunts and moans. This language is one of the most straight forward of all known languages. Gobla ignores details and goes right to the point. This primitive language does not have written text of its own. Instead it uses the alphabet that the Dwarves invented.

Available ClassesEdit

Starting WeaponEdit

Goblins begin game with this weapon: Goblin Dagger.