Unknown, appear all throughout the world

Eye Color

Brown, green, blue, grey, blue/green

Hair Color

Brown, blonde, red, black

Average height of male


Average weight of male

172 lbs

Average height of female


Average weight of female

137 lbs


150 - 175 years

Skin Color(s)

Many; ranging from pale to dark brown



Humans are relatively long-lived among the races, with an average lifespan of 150-175 years. Humans are highly intelligent, and learn a quick pace. Though they are not as strong as Orcs or Minotaurs, they developed a written language about 500 years before Orcs, and around 900-1,000 years before Minotaurs. Humans are very well rounded, and are good at just about anything they try.

Language And writEdit

The Humans developed a language before the Orcs and Minotaurs, but they didn't have as a complex language, which gave them a great advantage for they can have short conversations. They named their Language: Aculian and they had a writing system they called Scores which uses very simple letters and tend to do a lot better than the goblins and the Orcs.

Available ClassesEdit

Humans can play as all classes.

Starting WeaponEdit

Humans begin game with this weapon: legendary Broadsword.