Karrstyyn Forest


Terrain Type

Woodlands with many lakes, swamps, creeks, and streams

Native Races


Immigrated Races

All other races

Karrstyyn (Kar-stin) Forest is a large stretch of woodland, nearly 1200² miles. It is a harsh land; it’s ancient trees shrouding the ferocious creatures that reside there. This boggy forest is also the home of the powerful Minotaurs.

Brief HistoryEdit

Back in the days when the elves evacuated from their homes, they fled north to Karstynn Forest. They named it Karstynn after the word Karstynas which meant "New Beginning". After a century here, they already had a functioning society, but soon they were attacked by the Minotaurs. Upon the Minotaur Attack, most of the records at this time were either burned, ripped up, lost, missing, purposely gone, and completely destroyed to the brink of no existance. The only surviving record from this period was the Devias Records, a set of records that came from the Devias library. It took at least a team of seventy mages to restore a part of it in thirty years. The Minotaurs that now take this region claim that the legendary keep Oakhold was the largest victory they have ever had, but how can they be certain? They kept their records Oral for a reason: they have both a powerful memory and they can tell stories better than either elves or humans. As the Minotaurs took this location, they also took up the many technological advances that the elves gained. But as to consider the Minotauri knowledge, they couldn't operate any of them.