Lycanthropy is the ability to turn into wolves or other mammals in a type of hybrid between the humanoid and the animal. Many see lycanthorpy as a curse though few very (very very) evil people see lycanthropy as a gift. Lycanthropy only activates it self during the full moon.

Nature of LycantropyEdit

There are two reasons you can turn into a lycanthrope. One is being born with Lycanthorpy. Being born with lycanthorpy is extremely rare. This is refered to natural lycanthropy. The other reason is being bitten by a lycanthrope while it is in animal form. This is inflicted lycanthropy. Lycanthrope's were form only emerge during the full moon. ?Full moons appear in the sky every month for almost 8 hours at a time. During that time a lycanthrope wereform is released.

Becoming a LycanthropeEdit

(see: Were)

Becoming a lycanthrope consists of being biteen by a lycanthrope such as a werewolf, werecat,werebunny, or some other were-type thing or as stated before being born with lycanthropy.

When creating your character you have a choice if it is a natural lycanthrope or not.


This practice can also be performed using a spell, though only for 1 hour.