This is the location Mourdland, you may be looking for the faction

Terrain Type

Grassy plains

Native Races


Humans' homeland. Known for it's strong army and it's struggles against warlords from the Moonlight Desert. It was the birthplace of the humanic empires and the Seven Tablets of History.

Brief HistoryEdit

Mourdland was born when the humans came out of Gleptori and came to a large expanse of grassland. They laid claim to the land and they called it Mourdland after Jareth Mourde. Jareth was a general and was the first leader of Mourdland and commanded the construction of the Mourdland Palace. After the construction, Mourdland went through many Phases before becoming purged by the Saints. Now, the saints are in control of Mourdland and they renamed it for a while as the Saintlands, but they got rid of the title because of how rediculous it sounded. They instead formed Lucinia, the Holy city-state of the Church. Mourdland was then given the reigns after an incident in the church. The church still has influences in Mourdland, but Lucinia is theirs till the end of time.