You decide to follow the guard. He stops at the council room.

He goes in. He comes out a few minutes later.

He says:

Do you accept the initiation quest?

Accept Edit

First TaskEdit

We have three jobs for you. The first job is a simple question. Does the Jade Legion have an armory?


Good. You pass the first task.

Move on



Go home

Second TaskEdit

Next task. Go down into the dark and scary sewers and find the red sword.


You go down into the sewers. Suddenly, a giant rat comes in front of you.


You pick up a nearby rock and throw it at the rat. It kills the rat. You gain 5 experience for defeating the Level 1 Giant Rat. You see the sword.

Check for trapsEdit

You find a small stone that looks like it is moveable. You stay away from it and pick the sword.

Just Get ItEdit

You have set a trap. You die.

Go home.

Give itEdit

You give it to the guard.

You pass.

You have been given a lovely red sword, 5 experience, and you are now a member of the Mourdland Faction.

Third TaskEdit

Now that you are a member, we have a task for you.
"What kind? -You
Go and capture a Giant Spider and kill it. Bring back it's bones to me.

Go back into the sewersEdit

You go back into the sewers. You find a giant spider.

Attack Giant SpiderEdit

You slash the giant spider at the head with your red sword. You have killed it. You gain 5 exp. You find the bones.

=Give BonesEdit

You give the bones to the guard. He puts the bones in a potion.

Finally! I have what I need to conquer Mourdland and Drinis!
=Attack the Mad Guard=Edit

You kill him. You gain 50 exp. You pass the official test. Total exp for third task: 55.

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Stand StillEdit

You stand still. The giant spider eats you.