Narjari Desert
Terrain Type

White desert with harsh sandstorms and ravenous creatures roaming the dunes

Native Races


Immigrated Races

All races.

The Najari (Nuh-har-ee) desert is home to the Gnolls. The desert is well known for the Gnoll City, Jari-Gnoll (Har-ee Noll) aand is the home of Isis, the Sand god. The desert is also the home of the ancient God Ruins, a group of ruins that make up the whole of the God's original Kingdom, Sar-Kedan. It took the entirety of the world to bring their downfall, but it is taking more than that to uncover the ruins lost to time.

Brief HistoryEdit

The Najari was originally known as Sar-Kedan, the Sacred home of the gods, but this ended when the humans and the Elves rebelled against the Kedani Gods, a group of fallen gods who took control of Bunda and Mourdland for a brief period. Coming from the Najari was the Covenant. As time went by, the descendants of the Kedani came into being as the Gnolls who were cursed to be brutish creatures without brains over brawn. The Gnolls then suffered several Civil wars, then the Gnolls formed the Isis church, the following of the god Isis.