Eye Color

Orange, red, brown, blue

Hair Color

Black, brown, some are naturally bald

Average height of male

9-10 1/2 feet

Average weight of male

1,010 lbs

Average height of female

8-9 1/2 feet

Average weight of female

985 lbs


137 - 182 years

Skin Color(s)

Orange, dark brown, tan, orange-brown




Very tall and well-muscled, heavy-set

While Ogres are immensely strong and are often taller than Minotaurs, even though they do not match the combat prowess and cunning savagery that the Minotaurs possess.

Orges have less intellectual potential than the majority of other races, and they are known for being highly barbaric. The culture of the Ogres is a simple one, consisting of few customs and traditions. Ogre government consists of a Grand Chief who rules over several other chiefs. Who holds the title of Grand Chief is determined solely by who is the strongest.

Available ClassesEdit

Starting WeaponEdit

Ogres begin game with this weapon: Ogre Knife.