Eye Color

Yellow, Red, Brown

Hair Color

Black, Dark blue, brown

Average height of male


Average weight of male

306 lbs

Average height of female


Average weight of female

243 lbs


145 - 160 years

Skin Color(s)

Dark green, pale yellow, dark brown




Large tusk-like teeth protrude from lower jaw, possess great strength


Orcs developed their first written language around 2,300 years ago. Though they are less technologically advanced than most races, they are not unintelligent. The average Orc possess an intelligence ratio of about 93% that of an average Human. Orcs seem born to battle; being considerably stronger than most races, and possessing combat prowess rivaled by very few. Most Orcs are nomads by nature and can hardly bear to stay in one place for too long.


In general, Orcs follow a strict code of honor. This code has many tenets including:

  • A true warrior does not underestimate their opponent.
  • To be brothers-in-arms is a sacred thing; to betray your brother means dishonor and death.
  • Do not overestimate yourself or you will surely die.
  • To be spared by a greater warrior entitles him to your service.
  • If you see a fallen fellow, you must do the proper burial ritual and anoint the body.

Due to their beliefs, most Orcs have unfailing loyalty. If an Orc is defeated and spared in combat, they will likely swear an oath to the person who defeated them.

Available ClassesEdit

Starting WeaponEdit

Orcs begin game with this weapon: Orcish Warhammer.