Polelands of the North
Terrain Type

Grassy plains

Native Races

Narwhals, Khanjadans

Immigrated Races


The Polelands is an icy place with few species and places.


The polelands were known for being the most freezing place in history. They are said to be a place where the cold winds will blow the souls of the dead to The pits of Targath. The land was first founded by the vikings who claims the land was ruled by Vulca and was named the polelands in honors of Maryth Poleland, the viking lord. The vikings built the port of Guyth, the only major viking city in the polelands. The vikings ruled the polelands for many centuries, but have never lived there long. The vikings chose to leave their capital open, but to never live there. The port was known famously for the oracle, Maryth Tuzath, the only oracle of the vikings. The only other city that belongs to the vikings was the city of Polaria.