Spells are magic attacks used by mages, archmages, necromancers, other classes, races, and species, such as dragons and worgs. Sorted by categories, further sorted by mp cost.

Types Edit

Destruction SpellsEdit

See also: Destruction Spells

Destruction spells are spells that are a part of the universal Square. They deal with the four elements that make up our world: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. They are usually used by Battlemages and sometimes regular mages.

Wild SpellsEdit

See also: Wild Spells

Wild Spells are spells dealing with the five elements of the planet: Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Life. If one were to learn one spell, they could topple worlds upon worlds. These spells are usually used by Shamans or by Gods. No one can control such power.

Divine SpellsEdit

See also: Divine Spells

Divine spells deal with both Gods AND demons. Divine spells are split into two types: Dietology and Demonology. They call upon both the powers of the gods and the powers of demons to create a powerful power. This kind of power is only used by Necromancers and by Priests. If you master this, you would be able to call on the gods of gods or otherwise known as The Lost Ones. Their powers are beyond the regular god's capabilities.

Special AbilitiesEdit